Serving Lower Merion, Narberth, Haverford, Conshohocken and West Conshohocken

Vehicles & Equipment

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

313-1, 5, 6, 7, & 9 – Ford Type III, E-450, Horton 523D 14,050 lbs Medic units are equipped with an inverter and 2- 500 watt quartz lights for on-scene lighting. Indoor/outdoor custom cabinetry made to make on-scene care delivery easier. 313-6 & 313-7 are both being rechassied in 2015 & 2016. 313-5 is a new style 2014 Type III, E-450, Horton 523D with the latest in module suspension system.

313-2 – AEV Type II Ambulance (2010)

This medic unit is the primary unit assigned to the Conshohocken station (313-A)

Rehab 313, a 2001 El’Dorado Transit Bus

The rehab/ Mass Casualty unit carries special cooling fans, digital thermometers, an abundance of towels and other cooling products, to help our surrounding Fire and Police Departments on incidents. In addition, the bus is available for the five county area for other public safety entities use as part of the Southeastern Terrorism Task Force.  EMS, Fire and Police personnel deal with emergencies in inclement weather and this vehicle is designed to care for them in evolving incidents. This unit also goes outside of Lower Merion Township as requested to provide both Rehab and Mass Casualty services. The bus can be set up in several configurations for sitting or laying down patients.

Responder Units

313-8 Command Vehicle (2009 Ford Expedition)

313-81 Command Vehicle (1997 Ford Expedition)

313-28 Physician Response Vehicle (2008 Ford Expedition)
Used by the on-call medical doctors, this unit is primarily for physician’s to respond and assist in evolving incidents. Their primary mission is to provide support, medical command, advance care and MCI coordination throughout Narberth Ambulances primary coverage area and surrounding communities.